Valensi Rose structures its approach to litigation in a manner different from many law firms.

Runaway legal costs can often be as damaging as the litigation itself. We devise creative and aggressive strategies that are not only legally effective, but cost-effective as well, approaching expenses from the client's point of view.  All cases, just like all clients, are not created equal and our approach, whether we are defending or prosecuting, is never generic. 

Our clients get the benefit of collaboration between senior lawyers with deep expertise across all of our areas of specialty. Our range of experience runs the gamut of areas that affect our clients, including disputes involving:

  • Real estate
  • Construction
  • Businesses
  • Employment
  • Intellectual property
  • Entertainment
  • Insurance
  • Trusts and estates
  • Debtors and creditors

Our state, federal, and bankruptcy court trial and appellate practice is built on years of experience, honed by working on thousands of matters with successful outcomes.

The Litigation Group also has specific expertise in alternative dispute resolution (ADR), including binding arbitrations, mediations, and other forms of pre-litigation dispute resolution. We have extensive experience with provisional remedies to protect our clients’ rights and to preserve assets and the status quo during lawsuits and appeals.

Successful Outcomes
  • Represented beneficiaries of a family trust in a contested estate trial. Succeeded in having a neutral trustee established and winning a $22 million judgment for our clients.
  • Represented institutional lender in loan workout and handled litigation in state court, federal district court, and bankruptcy court to recover a luxury property securing the multi-million dollar loan; obtained order granting lender immediate possession of collateral before completing the foreclosure.
  • Represented an executive in an employment arbitration. The arbitrator awarded the executive a high-six-figure sum, and the company paid the ensuing judgment in full.  
  • Obtained dismissal of a penalty assessment order that had been issued by the California Labor Commission against our client for its alleged failure to maintain unemployment insurance for numerous purported employees. 
  • Obtained an arbitration award exceeding $2 million for a renewable energy company in a protracted dispute with a power agency.  
  • Obtained summary judgment awarding our client possession of a luxury home in the desert, after the client had foreclosed and the borrower had filed two bankruptcies and two lawsuits to get the eviction stayed.  
  • Successfully resolved a federal cybersquatting lawsuit. The cybersquatter agreed to a permanent injunction, transferred an infringing domain name and an e-mail account to our client, and took down infringing social media accounts. 
  • Obtained a $1,000,000 arbitration award against contractor for mistakes he made on luxury home including recovery of all attorneys fees.
  • Obtained a $450,000 writ of attachment against celebrity contractor.
  • Obtained a $900,000 judgment against seller of luxury property for non-disclosure of significant defects.