Tax and Wealth Planning

At Valensi Rose, the Tax and Wealth Planning Group knows that while minimizing taxes is critical, you don’t want to lose sight of your overall business objectives. We are vigorous advocates of our clients’ interests, digging deep to address issues with creative, yet practical, real-world solutions.

By thoroughly understanding our clients’ personal and business goals, we help them achieve their ambitions in the most tax-efficient manner possible.

We work with clients to create a comprehensive plan and provide clarity, inventive solutions, and proactive advice. We are skilled in tax matters that apply to business owners, entrepreneurs, and individuals throughout the business lifecycle:

  • From start-up ventures to established enterprises
  • From initial capitalization to sales, mergers, acquisitions, and recapitalizations

Clients get the benefit of collaboration between senior lawyers with deep expertise across all our areas of practice. As team players, we work collaboratively with our clients’ other advisors, leveraging our expertise in a way that does not duplicate efforts, but rather enhances the outcomes.

Our areas of practice include:

  • Federal Income Tax Planning
  • Federal Estate and Gift Tax Planning, Probate, and Trust Administration
  • State and Local Tax Planning
  • International Tax Planning
  • Tax Dispute Resolution/Litigation
Successful Outcomes
  • Defeated IRS attempt to assess over $500 million in estate tax. A complete victory for the estate.
  • Assisted clients in using IRS-approved estate planning technique to transfer a portion of the family business, worth several hundred million dollars, to their children with zero gift tax.
  • Saved famous rock star over $1 million in resolution of IRS tax dispute.
  • Enabled a parent to lend $30 million to a trust for a child through creative life insurance planning .  The funds were used to purchase a $180 million life insurance policy on the child for the benefit of the grandchildren. Less than $1 million of gift tax exemption was used.