It’s not uncommon in most sports for players to feel that a referee has made a bad call, and often the rules allow them to ask for a review of the ref’s ruling. But you don’t have that option if you are simply a disappointed fan sitting in the stands.

If you suspect a trust or will has been forged, you of course can turn to the courts for help. But if you falsely allege that a document is a forgery, don’t expect a judge to let you go unpunished.

Good fences make good neighbors, according to the poet Robert Frost. But what if that nice fence between you and your neighbor turns out to be nowhere near the actual property line between the two properties?

The death by suicide of 26-year-old Brandon Nelson, who descended into psychosis not long after graduating from UCLA, was a tragedy – compounded, his parents alleged, by the failure of the mental health facility housing Brandon to properly supervise him.

It’s not uncommon for couples contemplating marriage – especially if they have children from previous relationships – to sign premarital agreements concerning the disposition of their individual and joint assets in the event of death or divorce. But as with any legal document, the parties to the agreement are expected to read it and ensure they understand its terms before signing.

The goal of arbitration is to provide a faster, less costly, and more private alternative to litigation in a courtroom. In exchange for these advantages, the parties agree in advance that they will share the costs of the arbitration proceedings and will be bound by its results. But what happens if, between the time the agreement is signed and when a dispute later arises, one of parties suffers a financial reversal and cannot afford to pay its share of the arbitration fees and costs?