Lawyers are duty-bound to vigorously represent the interests of their clients, and that can sometimes lead to some pretty contentious behavior in a courtroom or when two sides are negotiating a bitterly contested agreement. But vigorous advocacy is supposed to stop short of breaking the ethical rules that lawyers are duty-bound to follow.

Arbitration is intended to be a quicker, less expensive, and more confidential alternative to traditional courtroom litigation. But what happens if one of the parties seems to be gaming the arbitration system to delay the proceedings?

An Alabama District Court declared the Corporate Transparency Act (the “Act”) unconstitutional in a case brought by the National Small Business Association and an individual. The ruling is being appealed by the Department of the Treasury; its Notice of Appeal was filed on March 11, 2024. The government may seek a stay of the ruling pending the appeal.

It’s not unusual for a company to offer unhappy customers a special deal to hold onto their business. But at some point, do all those discounts become unfair to customers who pay full price?

Lancaster, a small city in Northern Los Angeles County, has hosted location shoots for a number of movies and TV shows, but otherwise doesn’t get a lot of attention in Hollywood. That would have changed dramatically if the city had won a lawsuit targeting a key part of the entertainment industry.

We would all like to believe that family members should be able to trust each other and that parents, in their senior years, can rely on their adult children to act honorably. However, unfortunately, we all also recognize that reality all too often falls short of this ideal.