The importance of mentorship cannot be understated. Oftentimes it can mean the difference between a budding professional’s determination to succeed, and their tangible success.

Kelley v. California Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board (Feb. 10, 2014, B244098) __ Cal.App.4th __, 2014 Cal. App. LEXIS 128, is a good example of what an employer should do – or rather, shouldn't do...

As a reminder to our clients, colleagues and friends, effective January 1, 2014, the existing Beverly-Killea Limited Liability Company Act (the "Old Law") will be repealed in its entirety.

Year-end tax planning could be especially productive this year because timely action could nail down a host of tax breaks that won't be around next year unless Congress acts to extend them...

We regularly compile a few recent rulings that may be of interest to our clients and friends.

In a case decided on July 23, 2013, the court of appeal held that a lender cannot pursue a borrower for a deficiency judgment after a short sale.