Whatever kind of business you are in – manufacturing, retail, entertainment or anything else – operating as a corporation can provide you with important legal and tax advantages. But failing to do a simple task once a year can put at risk these benefits and, potentially, everything else you own.

When you accept the responsibility of being trustee of an estate, you are required to act ethically. Stray too far from that and you could find yourself facing hefty punitive damages.

Singers, musicians and other performing artists work hard to build a career, which today often requires maintaining an active concert schedule. If the artist dies or becomes incapacitated, that means no more live concerts – or does it?

An heir may not like the terms of his or her inheritance, but as one unhappy son learned, what really matters in court is the clear intent of the person making the gift.

How many employees are on your company’s payroll? If you use temporary help or “gig” workers, that number may increase, thanks to a new California law. In fact, your employee count may even change for prior years, if the law is found to apply retroactively.

With the end of the year approaching, this is a good time to think about planning moves that will help lower your tax bill for this year and possibly 2020 as well.