An Orange County couple’s marriage was already in trouble when the wife learned that her husband’s high-risk options trading had resulted in their investment account plummeting from $16 million to barely $400,000 in just five months.

You shouldn't have to have a law degree to understand that, if you are going to file a lawsuit, you need to sue the right person – especially if you are seeking $300 million and punitive damages.

As the end of the year approaches, it is a good time to think about moves that will help lower your tax bill for this year and possibly the next.

Your year-end activities probably include getting together with family and friends. Perhaps less enjoyably, it should also be a time to consider some steps you may be able to take to lower the tax bill on your 2017 income.

There is still time for you to take steps that may reduce the 2017 income tax bill for your business.

Anthony Carter was 78 years old when he was hospitalized. Doctors decided he needed a pacemaker. Over the objections of the person Carter had appointed as his agent under his power of attorney to make decisions about his health care, surgeons implanted the pacemaker. It malfunctioned, and Carter died. Did elder abuse occur when the hospital and doctors authorized the surgery despite those objections?