The COVID-19 pandemic was declared over in May of 2023, but its effects are still being felt – not only by some unfortunate individuals, but also in our court system, as litigants battle over the economic impact of the disease and of government efforts to control it.

The commercial real estate business might seem fairly straightforward; a landlord has a building with office, factory, or retail space, and a tenant pays an agreed-upon rent to lease that space.

After some considerable analysis, we have evaluated an option for avoiding the ULA tax (also known as the "Mansion Tax") until December 2024, which is one month after the initiative to void the tax will be on the ballot.

California allows employment disputes to be resolved through arbitration if the employer and employee agree in writing, and the agreement provides essential fairness to the employee.  But what if the employment onboarding process involves several agreements, each of which contains an unfair provision?

When a company files for bankruptcy and receives a discharge of its debts, can creditors “pierce the corporate veil” and try to collect the company’s debts from the company’s owner?

California, like most other states, has requirements that must be met for a document to be considered a legally binding will. For example, unless it is a handwritten holographic will, a will must be in writing, dated, and signed or authorized by the testator in the presence of two competent witnesses who are not beneficiaries of the will.