If you are trying to figure out a fair rent for a Saks Fifth Avenue store in San Francisco, wouldn’t it make sense to take a look at other Saks stores, including the retailer’s flagship location in New York City?

A proposed California law moving rapidly through the legislature aims to aid restaurants, bars, entertainment venues affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. But it would be devastating to the commercial landlords who provide their retail space.

It may be true that good fences may make good neighbors, as the poet Robert Frost declared. But a bad fence, a shared driveway and disgruntled neighbors can be a recipe for litigation, as a recent appellate court decision demonstrates.

Whatever kind of business you are in – manufacturing, retail, entertainment or anything else – operating as a corporation can provide you with important legal and tax advantages. But failing to do a simple task once a year can put at risk these benefits and, potentially, everything else you own.

When you accept the responsibility of being trustee of an estate, you are required to act ethically. Stray too far from that and you could find yourself facing hefty punitive damages.

Singers, musicians and other performing artists work hard to build a career, which today often requires maintaining an active concert schedule. If the artist dies or becomes incapacitated, that means no more live concerts – or does it?