It’s not uncommon for elderly persons to designate younger relatives to make health care decisions on their behalf. Does this authority include the right to sign an arbitration agreement if the person must be placed in a skilled nursing facility?

It’s unlawful for an employer to employ someone who isn’t eligible to work in the United States – but to ensure that unauthorized workers aren’t exploited, an employer can’t rely on a worker’s unauthorized immigration status if that worker sues for wage and hour violations, such as the employer’s failure to pay minimum wage. Does that rule apply in wrongful termination cases, too?

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The recently enacted Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 contains several new tax credits, as well as preexisting credits extended or modified by the Act, which individuals and small businesses should know about.

It’s not uncommon in most sports for players to feel that a referee has made a bad call, and often the rules allow them to ask for a review of the ref’s ruling. But you don’t have that option if you are simply a disappointed fan sitting in the stands.

If you suspect a trust or will has been forged, you of course can turn to the courts for help. But if you falsely allege that a document is a forgery, don’t expect a judge to let you go unpunished.

Good fences make good neighbors, according to the poet Robert Frost. But what if that nice fence between you and your neighbor turns out to be nowhere near the actual property line between the two properties?