A proposed California law moving rapidly through the legislature aims to aid restaurants, bars, entertainment venues affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. But it would be devastating to the commercial landlords who provide their retail space.

Arbitrating a dispute can be a quicker, less costly and more private alternative to courtroom litigation. But it’s also subject to the schoolyard rule of “use it or lose it.”

A daughter went to court, unhappy that her father decided to take for himself assets of a trust that the daughter believed should go to her. The father responded that he was only doing what the plain language of the trust allowed him to do.

The COVID 19 pandemic, along with government’s response to it, have caused Americans of all ages to give more thought to their estate plans. Following are some topics that should be included in that kind of review.

It may be true that good fences may make good neighbors, as the poet Robert Frost declared. But a bad fence, a shared driveway and disgruntled neighbors can be a recipe for litigation, as a recent appellate court decision demonstrates.

Whatever kind of business you are in – manufacturing, retail, entertainment or anything else – operating as a corporation can provide you with important legal and tax advantages. But failing to do a simple task once a year can put at risk these benefits and, potentially, everything else you own.