Arbitration is intended to provide a quick, efficient, confidential, and lower-cost alternative to litigation. In the employment context, an arbitration agreement must provide essential fairness to an employee, so if an employer overreaches in drafting an arbitration agreement, the employer will forfeit the right to arbitrate.

As Valensi Rose celebrates the 70th anniversary of the founding of the firm in 1952, we thought it would be interesting to look back at the events that helped shape our community over these years.

1952 – President Richard Nixon delivers his “Checkers” speech from a Los Angeles television studio, defending himself against allegations of financial improprieties. Cal Tech Prof. A.J. Haagen-Smit explains the origin of smog. The UCLA basketball team has a 16-8 record in its fifth year under Coach John Wooden.

A fundamental benefit a contract is supposed to confer is certainty – if you sign a divorce agreement, its terms will be honored, and if you buy life insurance, you’ll receive the promised death benefits. But what happens if the provisions of two seemingly clear contracts may be in conflict? The likely result is a trip to court, as happened in a recent dispute that was addressed by the California Court of Appeal (Randle v Farmers New World Life Insurance Co.)

Many companies require their employees to agree to arbitrate disputes about working conditions. But what happens if a government agency intervenes on behalf of an employee; is that agency also bound by the arbitration agreement?

An American expat widow living in Mexico learns that she can't serve as the administrator of her husband's probate estate

To serve as a court-appointed administrator of an estate in California, you must be a resident of the United States. But in today’s highly mobile society, facilitated by jet travel, instant communications, virtual meetings, and, for some, second or third homes, what does “resident” really mean?

Consumers in America and around the world have embraced online shopping for everything from food and fashion to vehicles, medicine, travel, andcountless other purchases. But many retail websites are inaccessible for consumers who are blind or visually impaired because these sites are incompatible with the screen-reading software many of these consumers must use.