Don Cornelius was the legendary founder and host of the long-running “Soul Train” television series. He is now considered to be one of the most important pioneers in African-American entertainment. Mr. Cornelius was a longtime client of the Valensi Rose law firm, whose lawyers handled essentially all of “Soul Train’s” entertainment, intellectual property and litigation work for many years.

Mr. Cornelius died in February, 2012, and his Estate and Trust are now being administered in Los Angeles County. Once again, Valensi Rose lawyers, primarily Stephen Moeller, is heavily involved in this legal representation. He continues to represent the former “Soul Train” production company, Don Cornelius Productions, and also represent the Cornelius Trust and Cornelius Estate in various legal matters including federal estate tax issues, liquidation of real estate, and the litigation and resolution of any pending claims or disputes which involve the Cornelius Estate.