Our litigation partner Lynda Chung is a contributor to the California Continuing Education of the Bar’s (CEB) new practice guide on trusts and estates litigation, CEB Practitioner™.

Lynda contributed to the portions providing practical guidance to attorneys on Probate Code section 850 Petitions and on Stipulated Court Orders approving parties’ settlement agreements.

An 850 petition is a frequently-used procedure to bring a property into a decedent’s or trust’s estate. It can also be used when the decedent’s heirs (often children from the decedent’s first marriage) and surviving spouse disagree as to the character of certain properties – for example, whether the house where the decedent and his second wife lived in for decades (but held in his name only) is his property or their community property.

A Stipulated Order is a procedure whereby the parties can convert their settlement agreement to a court order for easier and faster enforcement of the settlement terms if a party reneges on it.

A member of our Litigation Group, Lynda specializes in probate and business litigation matters, including will contests, trust contests, financial elder abuse, fiduciary accounting, and disputes between shareholders or members of closely-held companies.