Rachelle Cohen will speak on a panel titled “Protecting or Piercing the Corporate Veil” at the California Lawyers Association Annual Meeting, which will take place in San Diego September 21-23.

The California Lawyers Association is an organization dedicated to supporting the professional advancement of all attorneys practicing in the State of California.

Individuals often hire lawyers to set up corporations or limited liability companies to avoid personal liability for the entities’ activities.

However, the “corporate veil” that protects the individual owner can be broken, leading to the owner’s personal or “alter ego” liability.

Looking at case law developments, the panelists will discuss the elements of alter ego liability and consider how to minimize this risk when setting up and advising businesses. They will also look at litigation strategies and approaches to advancing an alter ego claim or protecting a client from that claim.

Joining Rachelle on the panel will be Reza Gharakhani, of Rostow & Auster LLP.

Rachelle’s areas of practice include business and real estate transactions, estate planning, and legal ethics consulting.

She serves as an outside “in-house” counsel to many of her clients and provides day-to-day guidance on legal challenges that arise in her clients’ business.