Valensi Rose Managing Partner Michael R. Morris was interviewed for a Bloomberg News article published May 3, 2018, about the benefits to the entertainment industry from the new tax law.

The article quotes Michael as saying the law, dubbed the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, “is going to be very encouraging for people who risk money making movies.”

Bloomberg reporter Ben Steverman points out that the tax changes benefits “the producers and film financiers who control the entertainment industry. It slashes tax rates, especially on overseas profits that are the lifeblood of Hollywood, and changes accounting rules in a way that could attract more investment dollars to show business.” Some performers, directors and others can also benefit from a tax break intended for business owners.

The article appeared in both Bloomberg News and the Los Angeles Times,

A former trial lawyer for the IRS and a Certified Specialist in Taxation Law, Michael helps clients – many of whom are in the entertainment industry – with tax, estate and business transaction issues, business solutions, and copyright and contractual matters.