Robert L. Kehr and Rachelle Cohen will speak on ethical issues facing paralegals at the General Session of the 47th Annual Conference of the Los Angeles Paralegal Association. The conference will be held Oct. 14 at the Hilton Glendale.

Rachelle Cohen provided training to prepare lawyers to serve as K-12 classroom visitors to deliver age-appropriate civics education.

Songwriters can take advantage of provisions in the tax code that allow them to treat the sale of their musical compositions or copyrights as capital gains, enjoying far more favorable tax rates than they would if the proceeds were treated as ordinary income. Valensi Rose Partner Michael R. Morris explained the ins and outs of this capital gains treatment in an article in the Daily Journal.

Rachelle Cohen will speak on a panel titled “Protecting or Piercing the Corporate Veil” at the California Lawyers Association Annual Meeting, which will take place in San Diego September 21-23.

Valensi Rose Partner Michael R. Morris is serving on the planning committee of the CalCPA Education Foundation Entertainment Industry Conference, and will lead a panel discussion, “Ins and Outs of Acquiring Music Catalogs.”

Rachelle Cohen will speak to the Beverly Hills Bar Association on May 15, 2023, via Zoom, on “IOLTA/CTAPP: The Dos and Don’ts of Handling Others’ Funds.”